How to recycle aluminum from scrap aluminum composite panel aluminum foil blister pack?

Time:2022-06-18 15:10:20 Author:Suny Group

Waste aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum foil blister medical packaging materials are relatively common aluminum-plastic wastes. Because the annual output is huge and contains a large amount of aluminum, many people begin to recycle aluminum and plastics from these aluminum-plastic wastes. , and then further processed and sold. On the one hand, it realizes the reuse of resources, and on the other hand, certain economic benefits can also be obtained. How to separate pure aluminum and plastic from these aluminum-plastic waste?

How to 

recycle aluminum from scrap aluminum composite panel aluminum foil blister pack

Generally, we need to use professional aluminum-plastic separation equipment. First, collect these aluminum-plastic wastes into one piece, and then pass the shredder, pulverizer, crushing and grinding, and then separate through the electrostatic separator to completely separate the aluminum and plastic. and collect a piece. The core of which is the electrostatic separation system, which needs to be continuously debugged for different materials before the ideal separation effect can be achieved.

SUNY GROUP is an experienced aluminum-plastic separation equipment manufacturer and solution provider. Every year, a large number of customers bring materials or send aluminum-plastic waste to test the machine. Except for aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum foil blister packaging, like some other aluminum Plastic bags, toothpaste peels, etc. can also be used for separation and recycling. The effect is also very ideal. If you are interested or need, you are welcome to contact us at any time.


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