How to recycle copper in waste wire and cable?

Time:2023-01-17 18:12:31 Author:Suny Group

With the improvement of people's living standards, household appliances and vehicles (cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, etc.) are becoming more and more popular, and the use of wires and cables is increasing. . Because the waste wire and cable contains a lot of copper, it has a good recycling value. So what if you recycle the copper in the company?

1. Using stripping machine:

scrap copper wire stripping machine

scrap copper wire stripping machine

The waste wire and cable stripping machine includes a frame, a head part and a mechanical transmission part, wherein the mechanical transmission part is composed of a series of sprockets and a pair of meshing gears, and the head part is composed of an upper main shaft, a lower main shaft, a multi-hole Plate, main shaft elevating rod and a relatively independent wire stripping device at the right end, in which two or more sets of transmission wheels are respectively set on the upper main shaft and the lower main shaft, and a blade frame is provided at the rear of each group of transmission wheels. A blade is fixed with a screw; multiple round holes for wires and cables are arranged on the perforated plate from small to large. The utility model will not pollute the environment due to incineration of waste wires and cables during use, has quick and convenient treatment, strong adaptability, high efficiency, can reduce waste, does not damage the material of the metal inner core, and achieves a relatively ideal treatment effect.

2. Using copper wire recycling machine:

Structural diagram of waste wire recycling equipment

Structural diagram of waste wire recycling equipment

The copper wire recycling machine is currently an efficient and environmentally friendly waste wire and cable recycling equipment. It adopts a dry physical separation method. Through the cable and wire recycling equipment, the waste cables are subjected to coarse crushing, iron removal, fine crushing, specific gravity separation, and electrostatic separation. The dual process flow realizes the separation of copper and plastic, and the separation effect can reach nearly 99% of the recovery rate of copper and plastic. Because the copper separated from the cable and wire is as big as a grain of rice, it is also called "copper wire recycling machine". The most environmentally friendly and easy-to-use method of extracting copper from cables.

SUNY GROUP's copper wire shredder adopts dry physical separation technology to extract metal and non-metallic elements through crushing, separation and sorting. The metal recovery rate can reach 99%. Only the waste cables are put into the copper wire shredder. Through the treatment of this equipment, pure copper rice and plastic can be obtained, and the separated copper can be directly sold to metal processing plants to process and make metal objects; plastics can also be directly sold to plastic processing plants for use as wood additives. Realize the recycling of resources.


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