How to recycle waste circuit board e-waste?

Time:2022-07-28 12:07:21 Author:Suny Group

Scrap circuit boards can be said to be more common in our daily life. How to better recycle these wastes called "electronic waste" deserves attention. Waste circuit boards contain huge resources, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum, etc. Precious metals and non-ferrous metals have huge resource reuse value.

Waste Circuit Board

Waste Circuit Board

At present, the waste circuit boards on the market are mainly circuit boards such as household appliances and computers. Therefore, it can be divided into several categories for recycling. If there are electronic components, first disassemble the electronic components on the circuit board with a disassembly machine, and then further process the disassembled electronic components and the main board. No electronic components can be directly shredded for recycling, in which resin, fiber and copper can be separated to obtain high-grade metals, recycled and sold for profit.

The recycling of the entire waste circuit board requires a complete set of production lines. For example, a waste circuit board dismantling machine needs to be used to separate the circuit board motherboard and electronic components, and the separated electronic components are then refined and extracted through precious metals or gold. Effective recycling of precious metals in components, which is what we often call circuit board precious metal extraction and recycling. The remaining circuit board motherboard needs to be broken first, then pulverized, pulverized, and finally the resin powder and copper inside are completely separated, purified and recycled through electrostatic separation and specific gravity separation.

E-waste recycle plant

The recycling process of the entire waste circuit board is not complicated, but it requires continuous debugging and testing between various machines and equipment, and then the ideal recycling effect can be achieved. As an experienced manufacturer of electronic waste recycling solutions, SUNY GROUP designs different recycling solutions for different raw materials of customers, and is debugged by experienced technicians. At present, customers have spread all over India, South Korea, Japan, Europe, America and other places. If you need or are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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