How to separate and recycle aluminum-plastic waste and waste medical board?

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When it comes to tablet boards, I believe everyone is familiar with them. Everyone sees them often in daily life. Have you ever thought that these discarded tablet boards can be recycled and separated to make money? I believe that many people do not understand the recycling and separation of tablet boards. Not sure what to do with the tablet board?

Of course, for us, this amount is really limited. If we have to recycle through some medical units or pharmaceutical factories, there will be more of these materials, because a large amount of waste is generated every day, and the scraps of tablet boards are even more generated during the production of pharmaceutical factories. too much. So how should these discarded tablet boards and scraps be recycled?

Waste Medicine Board Aluminum

At present, the best way is to use aluminum-plastic separation equipment to separate waste tablet boards and scraps of tablet boards from aluminum and plastic. Sorting and separation of aluminum and plastic leftover materials. It realizes the recovery, separation and reuse of waste medicine boards and scraps. The treated materials can be sold separately, which has good economic benefits and truly turns waste into treasure.

The working principle of the aluminum-plastic separation equipment: After entering the crusher, the medicine plate becomes a piece of less than 10mm, and then enters the high-speed water-cooled turbo crusher to cut the material into small pieces. The materials that meet the requirements are screened by the rotary vibrating screen. The principle of electrostatic separator separates aluminum and plastic, and the unqualified ones are returned to the mill to repeat the process. The loss of aluminum and plastics is very low, and the reuse rate of aluminum is close to 99% or more. And will not cause secondary environmental pollution. With the birth of this technology comes unlimited business opportunities. The aluminum pellets separated by the aluminum-plastic separation equipment can even be sold directly, with good economic and social benefits.

Medical Blister Aluminum Plastic Recycling Machine


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