Lithium Battery Recycling Process

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With the wide application of lithium-ion batteries, waste lithium-ion batteries not only cause a large amount of solid waste pollution, but also bring serious waste of resources. Lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in various fields of portable electronic products because of their long service life, no memory effect, and excellent electrochemical performance. Copper in the negative electrode of lithium batteries is a widely used raw material, and the carbon powder adhered to it can be used as additives such as plastics and rubbers. Therefore, the effective separation of the constituent materials of the waste lithium battery pole pieces has a driving effect on realizing the resource utilization of the waste lithium battery to the maximum extent and eliminating its corresponding environmental impact.


Battery Recycling Process

Lithium Battery Recycling Process

The technological process of recycling and disposing of used lithium batteries: discharge, dismantling, crushing, separation, etc.

Specific instructions: Discharge: Set up discharge facilities in the workshop to release the power in the waste lithium battery, and spread the discharged battery to dry naturally. Dismantling: Dismantle the waste lithium battery by a combination of manual and machine, and separate the disassembled casing, aluminum foil, copper pole pieces, etc. according to the material. Pulverization: The dismantled metal-containing battery materials for subsequent processing are pulverized. The pulverization facility is equipped with a dust collector, which does not pollute the outside world. Separation: The pulverized battery material pole piece and black powder are separated, and the copper and aluminum foil metal and the black powder are separated to achieve a purity of 99.8%.

Commonly used methods for recycling lithium batteries include hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and mechanical physics. Compared with the wet method and the fire method, the mechanical physical method does not need chemical reagents and consumes less energy. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient method.


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