What equipment is needed for waste motor recycling?

Time:2022-07-30 16:02:36 Author:Suny Group

The recycling of waste motors requires the use of equipment for dismantling the motor, which can replace the manual disassembly of the stator of the waste motor or the motor that has been scrapped in production, which can achieve the purpose of recycling copper coils and stator cores. The equipment is novel in design and high in technology content. The hydraulic copper cutting machine combines hydraulic pressure and pneumatics to realize automatic copper removal of waste motor stators. The production efficiency is high and the degree of automation is stronger. The appearance of this machine can effectively replace the traditional manual copper removal. model. The products are of high quality and low price, and Mingjin hydraulic copper cutting machine adopts a new design concept.

Waste motor

Waste motor

The equipment has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and more importantly, the price of the machine is also relatively good, and the cost performance is good, which is one of the reasons why many users come to our factory to buy products.

The all-in-one machine for removing and cutting the motor stator is a newly developed stator coil removing machine. It can be used for removing the motor coils of electrical products such as washing machines, electric fans, and electric tricycles. The machine has the advantages of fast tangent speed, high stitch removal efficiency, small area and stable performance. The efficiency of stator maintenance and copper-iron separation is greatly improved.

Copper Motor Recycling Machine

This equipment mainly includes a manual switch for cutting the copper plate of the body shell cutter support column. First support the waste motor stator on the support column, and cut the copper plate to the motor stator, control the cutter to cut the copper coil of the motor stator through one of the foot switches; cut the motor stator with copper coil after cutting On the lifting platform, controlled by manual switch

The motor stator is raised to the board, and the board is used to limit the motor stator. Then, the pliers are controlled by the foot switch to make the jaws bite the copper coil, and the copper coil is pulled out from the inside of the stator, so as to complete the disassembly of the stator. The copper coil and stator core can be recycled according to the actual situation. Because of its convenient operation, high efficiency, labor saving and low price, it is the first equipment for recycling scrapped motors, so it is widely favored and used by customers.


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