What plastics can be sorted by electrostatic sorting machines?

Time:2023-01-19 15:51:00 Author:Suny Group

The electrostatic sorting machine for plastics is used to sort and classify the materials of plastics and can sort 2-3 types of plastics at a time.

It is often used for sorting waste plastics for recycling purposes to increase the profitability of plastic recycling. The uniform plastic material is more conducive to remanufacturing and therefore more expensive.

Principle of Electrostatic Separator

The sorting principle of the electrostatic sorter is to distinguish between different materials by the electrical properties of the plastic. The sorting accuracy is 99%+ and is purely physical, so there is no need to worry about pollution and at the same time there is no impact on the quality of the plastic.

For the electrostatic sorting machine, you may have some questions, SUNY GROUP will answer them.

Q: What kinds of plastics can be sorted by the electrostatic sorting machine?

A: Generally speaking, there is no restriction on the material of plastics in the static sorter, most of our common mixed plastics can be used for sorting. For example, PC, PA, ABS, PS, PE, PP, PET, PVC, etc.

Q: How many types of plastics can be sorted at one time with the electrostatic sorting machine?

A: The electrostatic sorter can pass through 2-3 types of plastic at a time, more types will affect the efficiency of the sorting. If necessary, 2-5 kinds of materials can be distinguished by passing through the machine twice.

electrostatic sorting machines

Q: What is the working speed of the electrostatic sorter?

A: The sorting speed of the electrostatic sorting machine is about 2T/H (one set of equipment), which varies according to the material and demand.

Q: What is the sorting accuracy of the electrostatic sorting machine?

A: Depending on the material, the efficiency of the electrostatic sorter is 98%-99%.

Q: Can an electrostatic sorter separate metal from plastic?

A: No, we are now talking about plastic electrostatic sorting machine can only sort plastic. The equipment for sorting metals and plastics is called an aluminium-plastic electrostatic sorter.

Q: Can the electrostatic sorting machine differentiate the colour of the plastic?

A: This is also not possible. Of course, it can sort not only plastics, but also foodstuffs to remove residues, etc.

Q: Is there any limit to the size of the material that can be sorted by the electrostatic sorter?

A: The electrostatic sorting machine can sort materials below 20mm, if the size of the material does not match, the plastic crusher can be used for crushing.

Q: What else is worth noting about electrostatic sorting machines?

A: It is important to remember that electrostatic sorting machines cannot sort wet materials, if the plastic is wet, it has to be dried before sorting.

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