Cost-effective Small Cable Granulator Machine

Time:2022-06-21 14:49:04 Author:Suny Group

Cable Granulator Machine is a kind of equipment specially used for crushing and recycling waste wires and cables. It can effectively separate copper and plastics from waste wires and cables. We all know that copper is a non-renewable resource and has high utilization value, so in recent years , Cable Granulator Machine is also sought after by our customers.

According to the size of its output, Cable Granulator Machine can be divided into large Cable Granulator Machine, medium Cable Granulator Machine and Small Cable Granulator Machine. Customers can choose according to their own needs. The output of general Cable Granulator Machine is about 600kg/h, the output of medium Cable Granulator Machine is 300-400kg/h, and the output of Small Cable Granulator Machine is 100-200kg/h. Because the output is different, the configuration is different, so the price also has a certain difference.

100kg/h Wire Recycling Shredder Copper Cable Granulator Machine

The Small Cable Granulator Machine is a new type of waste wire recycling equipment developed and manufactured by SUNY GROUP for some customers who are not very demanding on output. Some customers don't know much about the waste wire and cable business they just started, or their funds are limited, and they want to buy a Small Cable Granulator Machine to use again. Therefore, our newly developed new Small Cable Granulator Machine, Also favored by customers.

The output of the Small Cable Granulator Machine is generally 100-200kg/h, and the price is very cheap, but this does not affect the effect of the Cable Granulator Machine. After careful debugging by technicians, the sorted copper can reach 99% and above. This is a great deal for clients who don't have a big budget or want to experiment with results. And we have professional technical support. If you want to know more information or video about the Small Cable Granulator Machine, please feel free to contact us.


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