How to recycle scrap circuit boards?

Time:2022-06-22 14:46:37 Author:Suny Group

Scrap circuit boards are one of the common electronic wastes. The electronic components on the circuit boards and the motherboard can be recycled again, and because they contain a lot of precious metals, they have a high recycling value, so if the effective recycling What about waste circuit boards?

The first is to dismantle and recycle the scrapped electronic products to obtain a large number of waste circuit boards. Then, because there are many electronic components on the waste circuit boards, a special circuit board disassembly machine is required to disassemble the above electronic components. It works as follows:

Dismantling Of Waste Circuit Boards

Dismantling Of Waste Circuit Boards

The disassembled electronic components are then refined and extracted by precious metal extraction equipment such as gold, silver, palladium, etc., which is also an important step in the extraction of precious metals in the process of electronic waste recycling.

Precious Metal Refining Process

Precious Metal Refining Process

The last is the recycling of circuit board templates. A large number of circuit board templates first enter the crusher for crushing, then the crusher is crushed, the pulverizer is crushed, and then electrostatic separation is performed to completely separate the copper and resin powder inside. for further recycling.


Waste Circuit Board Recycling Process

The recycling of waste circuit boards requires special equipment to be recycled and reused more efficiently. With the increasing number of waste electronic waste and circuit boards, the recycling methods and effects are becoming more and more important. SUNY GROUP, as a professional E-waste waste circuit board recycling program design and equipment manufacturer, with rich experience and first-class technical support. If you have related intentions or questions, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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