Is there a shredder dedicated to recycling waste tires?

Time:2022-06-23 17:21:09 Author:Suny Group

With the increasing number of waste tires, the recycling of waste tires is becoming more and more important. In the recycling process of waste tires, crushing is an important part. For this reason, SUNY GROUP has developed a Crushing equipment - special crusher for tires.

Whole Tyre Shredder

Whole Tyre Shredder

The biggest difference between the tire-specific shredder and the general shredder is that it is equipped with a rolling casing, so that when the waste tires enter the shredder and are shredded for the first time, only the tire blocks that meet the relevant size will come out of the casing. , so that the waste tires can be shredded into rubber blocks of a certain size within a certain range. for further processing.

After the waste tires are crushed, magnetically separated and ground, the corresponding steel wire, rubber powder, or rubber particles can be obtained, all of which have high utilization value. If you are interested in scrap tire recycling or have questions, please feel free to contact us.


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