E-waste Recycling Management Equipments

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E-waste is becoming one of the largest types of waste in the world. It is highly polluting and difficult to deal with. The environmental problems it causes are increasingly attracting public attention. "There is no garbage in the world, only misplaced resources." To tap the residual value of electronic waste and truly make the best use of it is not only an advanced concept of environmental protection, but also a lifestyle worth advocating. So how to recycle e-waste?

Next, let's talk about the crushing, separation and sorting of electronic waste recycling equipment. The whole line structure and process flow of circuit board recycling equipment: The circuit board processing and recycling production line is mainly composed of shredders, crushers, pulverizers, air flow specific gravity separators, high-voltage electrostatic separators and other auxiliary equipment.

Waste circuit board recycling process

Waste circuit board recycling process

Put the waste circuit boards into the first crusher, and use the roller crusher (first-stage crushing) to roughly crush the waste circuit boards, so that the circuit boards are broken into materials with a size of about 4 cm, and then enter the belt conveyor. The magnetic separator on the conveyor separates the iron in the material, and the remaining material will be sent to the secondary pulverizer by the conveyor for pulverization, making it a powdery mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; the pulverized material is in the Under the action of the negative pressure fan, it enters the cyclone separator, and settles on the vibrating screen of the air flow separator through the external cyclone airflow of the cyclone separator. The light resin powder will enter the pulse dust collector with the internal cyclone airflow of the cyclone separator. device. The materials entering the airflow separator are separated from metal powder and resin powder under the action of wind and vibration to obtain copper, resin powder and semi-finished products. The purity of the obtained copper can reach more than 85%, which can be sold directly.

The resin powder obtained will enter the cyclone separator again under the action of the fan, and the resin powder will settle into the screw conveyor along with the external swirling air flow, and then sent out, bagged and collected by the screw conveyor. The internal swirling airflow will bring light dust into the pulse dust collector. Under the filter of the dust bag, the dust settles to the bottom, and is sent out by the screw conveyor, bagged and collected. The filtered clean air is discharged from the top of the pulse dust collector. Among them, the semi-finished products obtained enter the electrostatic sorting machine through the closed screw conveyor, and are sorted again. The semi-finished products obtained by electrostatic sorting are basically materials that are not completely crushed and peeled off. The materials will enter through the screw conveyor. Go to the secondary pulverizer to pulverize again, and at the same time, electrostatic separation will get higher purity copper and resin products.

E-waste precious metal recycling:

E-waste precious metal refining customer site

E-waste precious metal refining customer site

After dismantling the elements can not be returned, such as chip, north and south bridge, storage chip, integrated circuits, field-effect plastic components are the highest collective material containing gold and silver meets element unified treatment, can use caningozone (ro completely destroy the formation of harmful combustion smoke), roasting residue using soluble carrier, leaching of copper, tin, gold platinum palladium hydrochloric acid leaching medium, extraction of gold, platinum and palladium. high acid method independent refining silver palladium, for the gold-plated silver circuit board, plug ammonium polysulfide recommend using non-toxic methods to extract gold and silver plated quick retreat. circuits with special cutting machine pin chips were cut out of the metal case a chip, an integrated circuit solution to extract the valuable metals containing aluminum electrolytic capacitor for high-rolling after the dry , after crushing the direct smelting of aluminum metal, for Zener diode, varactor part, such as glass sealing components, plastic light-emitting al ref umitting tube was After compacted crushed, for circuit board use acid leaching then by liquid electrolysis produce electrolytic copper, palladium-containing circuit boards (double-sided circuit board containing basic palladium, palladium as copper substrate contained in a wire guideac pole leaad use) reach and then extract palladium. The whole refining process include many equipments, here i will not state one by one.

The recycling of electronic waste is mainly divided into two parts, one is the recycling of circuit boards, and the other is the recycling of precious metals in electronic components, which requires various machines to work together to complete. SUNY GROUP is a professional e-waste recycling equipment solution provider with many customers all over the world and decades of technical experience. If you are also interested in e-waste recycling, please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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