Solar panel recycling operation

Time:2023-01-22 17:08:07 Author:Suny Group

With the rapid growth of public buildings and residential facilities in recent years, solar energy has been growing rapidly in popularity. While these systems typically operate for 20 to 30 years, it is inevitable that one day the PV panels will be removed for replacement. So how are end-of-life solar panels recycled for operation?

The current standard practice is to turn the solar panels over to an existing glass or metal recycling facility - optimally, batches of solar panels can at least dispose of themselves. Recycle the aluminum in the frames, the copper in the wires, and the metals such as the glass panels on top of the PV panels and the silicon in the solar panels.

Solar panel recycling works on the following principles.

Solar panel recycling operation

Solar panel recycling operation

Glass, plastic and metal - the main components of a solar panel - can be recycled separately. But in an operating solar panel, all of these materials are combined into a single product. The problem lies in separating the components for efficient processing and also solving the problem of silicon elements, which require a more specialized process.

The specific process of PV panel recycling and processing equipment: one is to remove the glass from the PV panel; the second step is to disassemble and take out the backsheet and wires; the third step is to break the module and remove the tempered glass outside; the fourth step is to carry out pyrolysis, the main purpose of this step is to dissolve the EVA; the latter step is to extract the valuable metal and silicon material from the module. Already in operation, it is able to split, sort, process and recycle 95% of the materials in crystalline silicon PV panels: 2/3 of the glass is recycled into broken glass and sent to glass manufacturing plants; aluminum frames are sent to aluminum refineries; waste plastic can be used as fuel in cement plants; recycled silicon can be reused in the precious metals industry; the remaining cables and connectors are crushed and sold in the form of copper beads.

SUNY GROUP solar panel recycling technology features

1、Adopt crushing and sorting technology to realize the reuse of solar panels.

2、Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance and low noise.

3、The waste photovoltaic panel recycling and processing equipment adopts PLC to control a full set of production line with uniform feeding and coordinated operation.

4, pulse dust removal equipment efficiency of up to 99% or more, effective dust volatilization, in full compliance with the environmental requirements of the "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" GB16297-1996, no secondary pollution.


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