How about the crushing and sorting equipment for the radiator copper and aluminum water tank?

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The radiator copper-aluminum water tank crushing and sorting equipment, also known as the radiator copper-aluminum water tank separator, can handle various large block radiators and copper-aluminum water tanks or motor rotors (with shafts) less than or equal to 15cm.


1. The production line involves pretreatment, crushing, screening and sorting in one go, and the connection is reasonable.

2. The waste radiator copper-aluminum water tank separator is controlled by PLC, which makes the system equipment work in coordination and feeds evenly.

3. Simple structure, reasonable layout; strong processing ability, stable operation; sturdy and durable.

4. The high degree of automation and mechanized production can effectively reduce the intensity of manual production and save worry and effort.

5. The added value of the treated copper-aluminum water tank is increased, and iron, aluminum, and copper are classified and recycled, which effectively improves the quality of materials and improves profit margins.

6. The dust removal rate of the pulse dust removal system reaches 99%, which effectively suppresses dust overflow, fully meets the requirements of environmental protection, and has no secondary pollution.

Waste Radiator Recycling Equipment

work process:

1. Double-shaft shredder is a kind of crushing equipment with low speed and high torque. It can squeeze, tear and shred the radiator put into it to strip materials with a width of 5CM and uneven length. The shredded materials can be Evenly put it into the subsequent crushing equipment to improve crushing efficiency and increase output.

2. The vertical crusher can generate impact and shearing force on the material put into it through the high-speed rotation of the blade, so that the material can be crushed and pulverized, and the material with uniform particle size can be provided for subsequent sorting.

3. The air separator can sort out most of the aluminum in the material and improve the sorting efficiency of the whole system. There is a fan inside the air separator. Under the action of , the lighter aluminum will fall farther inside the air sorter, thereby sorting out most of the aluminum in the material.

4. The specific gravity separator is based on the specific gravity and suspension speed of the material. Under the action of air flow and vibration, the material is separated by the air flow by using the inclined surface of the material with certain movement characteristics. When the material falls into the sorting machine, it is subjected to the action of the inclined airflow, so that the material with lighter specific gravity is automatically classified and kept in the upper layer, and the material with heavier specific gravity is in the lower layer. The medium flows in different directions, thereby realizing the separation of copper and aluminum.

The recycled material of copper aluminum radiator

The recycled material of copper aluminum radiator

SUNY GROUP's new copper-aluminum water tank crushing and separation production line of environmentally friendly waste air-conditioning radiator copper-aluminum separator is to recycle the dismantled copper-aluminum radiator of air conditioners, generators, etc., and sort out copper, iron, and aluminum. The radiator copper and aluminum water tank crushing and separation equipment is a combined application of a series of equipment such as shredders, vertical composite crushers, magnetic separators, air separators, specific gravity separators, etc. aluminum. Put the radiator into the shredder, the shredded materials are sorted out by the magnetic separator, and then the remaining materials enter the crushing system, and the crushed materials pass through the sorting system to separate copper and aluminum. The equipment is equipped with covered dust removal equipment, and the whole recycling process is clean and pollution-free. Copper sorting rate>98%, iron sorting rate>99%, aluminum sorting rate>98%.


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