Scope of application and purchase precautions of small shredder

Time:2022-06-14 16:25:54 Author:Suny Group

The small shredder is suitable for shredding waste plastics, wood, rubber products and other wastes. Because it is smaller and lighter than other crushing equipment, it is named small crusher. Do you know what shredding materials are mainly used for small shredders? What mistakes do we often make when purchasing?

Applied Materials:

Small shredders can handle all kinds of waste

1. Various hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic cans, iron drums, boxes.

2. Scrap household appliances: TV sets, washing machines and refrigerators.

3. Large pipes, pipes and pe pipes.

4. Waste formwork: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets.

5. Scrap tires: car tires and truck tires.

6. Scrap metal: automobile cases, aluminum alloys, scrap aluminum parts, engine cases, and steel plates with a thickness of less than 5 mm.

7. Kitchen waste, domestic waste, animal carcasses, medical waste, biological orange belts, garden waste.

8. Rubber materials, etc.

Secondly, the price and procurement misunderstandings of small shredders are:

(1) Price

Usually the crushed material is about 20 cm, and the coarse crushing production line includes a series of equipment such as conveyor belt, blanking machine, special crusher, vacuum dust collector and fan. The discharge thickness should be designed according to user requirements. For example, when some users shred material with metallic and non-metallic materials, they have to shred the material and add special design and screening equipment to separate metallic and non-metallic materials. The output of small shredders varies by model.

Mini Double Shaft Shredder

(2) Procurement mistakes

1. Don't say how good the small shredder is on the manufacturer's website, please go to the site to see, you must see the actual test machine on the site.

2. Don't call the manufacturer, don't say that our products are not only good quality, but also durable and cheap.

3. Don't just look at price and quality, quality guarantees the quality of machinery and equipment.

4. Whether the manufacturer is professional, the rationality of the mechanical configuration, the mechanical principle, and the equipment production.

5. Don't ask other people's prices. Carry out a reasonable analysis and comprehensive evaluation of the small shredder factory according to its own needs. Carry out on-site inspection at the factory, carefully observe the site, and select the appropriate small shredder equipment.


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