E-waste recycling solution process

Time:2022-06-16 15:15:28 Author:Suny Group

As electronic products are replaced and scrapped, all kinds of electronic waste such as computers, mobile phones, and household appliances are increasing day by day. A large number of toxic gases and wastes will be released during the traditional disposal of electronic waste, which not only pollutes the atmosphere and rivers, but also causes pollution to the atmosphere and rivers. The health of workers and residents poses a great threat. Therefore, a complete set of scientific and reasonable solutions is required for the recycling of electronic waste.

The processing flow is simply divided into the following three steps:

1. First, take out the devices containing toxic substances in the waste electrical appliances by manual disassembly, such as TV picture tubes, fluorescent screens, etc. This requires the use of special dismantling equipment, such as TV, computer, refrigerator and other dismantling and recycling production lines, which can not only classify and recycle the useful materials inside, but also will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Refrigerator and other home appliances 

recycling process

2. Put the remaining parts into the crusher, first separate the iron by magnetic separation, the second step is to enter the eddy current separation to separate the aluminum, the third step is to separate the lighter substances such as plastics by the wind, and the rest are copper and Some rare precious metals, scrap metals.

It should be noted here that it is generally aimed at the waste circuit boards obtained after dismantling. The waste circuit boards need to be disassembled a second time, and the above electronic components are disassembled and treated separately. The remaining circuit board templates are crushed, sorted and recycled through the waste circuit board recycling production line. The process is crushing - crushing - grinding - sorting - dust removal, and finally resin powder and metal powder are obtained.

3. These sorted metals will be sold to terminal treatment plants according to their gold content, and the recycling rate of their waste electrical appliances is over 90%.

Electronic circuit board garbage recycling

The precious metals in e-waste can be recycled through gold extraction equipment or precious metal refining equipment to obtain pure gold precious metals for direct sale or further processing.

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