Structure Principle of Cable Separating Machine

Time:2022-08-02 15:03:02 Author:Suny Group

The recycling of waste cables is highly valued by people, especially the separation of waste cable conductors and insulation layers, clean peeling, and pollution-free disposal is the pursuit of the industry.

The structure of the cable separating machine includes: a feeding conveyor, a crusher, at least one airflow specific gravity sorting screen, and a set of pulse dust removal equipment. In the specific recycling process, it is necessary to put the waste cable into the crusher for crushing. The output of the crusher is different, and the model of the crusher is different. After it is completely crushed, it is sorted by a specific gravity separator, and the plastic skin and copper rice grains are completely separated, and then the final screening is carried out. It is crushed and sorted until pure copper rice grains come out. Under ideal conditions, the purity of copper recovered from waste cables can reach more than 99.9.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

In addition, the waste cable separation equipment developed and produced by SUNY GROUP not only has a simple structure, but also has a low cost and is easy to promote, especially the toxic gases that will not pollute the environment during the processing of wires and cables, and the processed substances are easy to collect; the cables are separated cleanly , which can retain relatively intact conductor wires, which are ignored by the market. The market expects a simple structure, which is beneficial to environmental protection, and the insulating rubber skin of waste wires is clean and thorough, and the conductors are well preserved. Compared with the prior art, the utility model has significant technical progress, and can be called a good technology with novelty, creativity and practicability.


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